Swebinet will make a Free ‘look & feel’ design proposal for your site based on your supplied text and artwork if you have it.


The specification will define the size and features of the site and the extent of the services that Swebinet will be required to provide. (See below).


If you do not have a domain for your business, we can advise on choice of name and register it on your behalf. We will set up email facilities on your domain to enable you to receive email addressed to the domain.


Swebinet will design and prepare all the pages including response forms, (where required). Content is normally provided by the client, but copywriting can be included. Pictures will be optimised to reduce loading times. Original artwork will be provided as agreed in the specification.


Your website will be hosted on a fast and reliable commercial web server (the host machine) physically close to the backbone (the information superhighway, as it is sometimes called) of the internet. We will provide the hosting and upload your website to the server.

Visitor statistics

Swebinet will conduct a comprehensive analysis about every aspect of your site’s performance to ensure your site is earning it’s way. Graphical monthly visitor statistics will be used to help us assess the use that is being made of the site.

Some websites require frequent updating of data, whereas others require just occasional maintenance. The extent and frequency of updates will form part of the management & maintenance specification.