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Website design that is attractive, efficient and fast-loading will be an asset to your company, A poorly designed site will be a liability. Navigation is a fundamental part of website design. A website with poor navigation will frustrate your visitors causing them to leave  and click to another website, perhaps even one of your competitors !

Another important aspect of website design is search engine friendliness. There is little point in a brilliant design with all the whistles and bells, if the design techniques used prevent or make it difficult for search engines to spider. Your design needs to take these factors onto account when creating the website .

Search engines are very busy and don’t waste much time trying to spider your site before moving on to the next .Swebinet has built a strong reputation as a top website design company by consistently producing sites that look good, are effective and search engine friendly web design that catches the eye and meets the functional criteria needed by the client. Affordable website design! Custom web design – the design tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Whether your requirements are for a simple brochure website or a complex catalogue website, Swebinet will work with you to produce a design that will meet your company’s needs. Make sure your website design company will work together with you closely on your new venture. There’s no denying that there are lots of web design companies  and whilst many are reputable, professional web designers, you still need to choose wisely.

A good website design can be the cheapest and most effective marketing method for your company.

As custom website designers we listen carefully to what you are wanting and work towards meeting your specific requirements.

The design of your new website can be in line with your existing corporate identity and promotional material, or if you prefer, we can create a completely new website design. If you are not entirely sure what type of website will be required to meet your needs give us a call on +385 (022) 351325 or +44(01273) 906100, and we can assist you in making an informed decision.

 Features and Functionality
Below are some of the features and functionality which can be incorporated into your website design or indeed if you already own a website we can add these features to your existing website to improve either the design or the functionality of your website.

Website Design – Creative Professional looking design
Recent studies suggest visitors to your web site will make up their minds about the quality of your company within a mere second – that’s not a lot of time for your website to make your companies’ first impression! Thankfully, we can help you retain those web visitors by developing a professional and stylish web site that will instantly convey a positive message about your business.

Website Content Management System (CMS)
A content management system allows you to easily update the information on your website. You can change both text and images, the images being automatically resized to the optimum size for your website. With a CMS website you can add and remove products or change prices as many time as you need. In most cases a content management system can be add to an existing website. Website design that moves with the times!

Website Search
Allows your visitors to search your catalogue or your web pages and find what they are looking for on your website quickly. Your web visitors can enter search words and a list of products or information matching the search criteria is then displayed. It has bee proved that if a search is incorporated into the website design it increases your sales substantially.

Client Login/Trade Login
If a client or trade login is included in the website design you can restrict parts of your web site to those visitors for whom you have issued login details. This section is generally designed to meet your specific requirements.

Download Sections
Allows you to upload PDF files to your website for your visitors to download for off-line reading. Can also be used to add Zip files and MS Word/Excel files or similar to your website. If you already have hard copies of your brochures which you wish to add to your website we can convert them to PDF files for you for you to upload to your website.

Feedback Forms
The website design can incorporate feedback forms into various parts of the website. Swebinet can tailor these website forms to your exact requirements in order to capture specific information from your visitors.

Product Catalogue Websites
Products can be grouped into categories and displayed as “thumbnail” lists on the website with “click for detail” drill down pages on each product. These catalogues are generally maintained by the client using a content management system (CMS). Swebinet design the CMS system to match the client’s specifications.

Photo Gallery
Allows you to add your our pictures to your website. A typical use of this design module would be a builder or bathroom design company or even a photographer, displaying perhaps photographs of their work. We can add this website design feature to your current website or indeed incorporate a picture gallery facility into the design of your new website.

Links Page
This page allows you maintain your own list of website links. You can enter a website name and description along with the web address and upload pictures or banners to the web page. This feature is becoming very popular as some of the search engines are using ‘link popularity” as part of the criteria which they use in order to determine their listings.

Search Engine Meta Tag Management Facility
This facility allows you to change the key meta tags which are used by some of the search engines to index your website. This feature means that should you be for instance “launching” a new product, you can instantly get this product into your keywords. You can also update the meta tags on the individual pages of your website.

Website Maintenance
Website maintenance – does your company require website maintenance. Even if you have the necessary skills – updating your website can be time consuming. If your website does not have a content management system and you would like to add or alter the text, change images, add additional website page or arrange that a shopping cart/basket be added to your website then swebinet can help you.

It has become popular to include a “sitemap” into the website design. A sitemap can easily be added to your existing website and it does serve two purposes. The first being that your website visitors can see at a glance whether your website contains a specific webpage. ,this makes navigation of your website even better. Secondly – the sitemap is good for the search engines as once they “spider” the sitemap they are speedily led to all the web pages in your website. This helps them to index your all your web pages.

Google Sitemaps
A google sitemap is also fast now becoming another website design feature which website owners are adding to their sites.Google has launched a free service , Google Sitemaps, which allows you to send them a map of your website in XML format. Search Engines are the most important way that most webses generate new traffic. Google is the largest and most widely used search engine throughout the World. The Google crawler uses this google sitemap map to improve coverage of your content. according to the specific information you provide about page locations, modification frequency, and more.

Web Hosting
Once you have your website designed you will of course need to arrange that your website is placed on a machine which is connected to the internet 24hrs each day, every day. (this is called website hosting). Swebinet offer excellent web hosting packages. You can host your website on one of our high performance servers based in the UK or US, which will ensure that it loads for your website visitors every time and that it also loads speedily.

Spam Filtering – Filter Your Spam Emails
Swebinet provide an excellent email spam filtering service. Whether or not you choose to host with us you can take advantage of the Spam Filtering Service Offer. Spam is a major plague, and it can make email a nuisance. But there is something you can do about unsolicited email. Spam Filtering is effective filtering to automatically spot spam emails from even reaching your mailbox. The power and reliability you need to reclaim and maintain control of your email.. Spam filtering prevents unwanted, mass e-mails from entering your in-box.If you would like to discuss your website design requirements for a free no obligation web design quotation.

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